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We are in the business to provide you with unique interior wall decor solution at the best price point.

We offer chalk paint, metallic stencil paint, and 5 decorative paint effects that can create a high visual impact in any given interior space with wide range of color choice.

Pattern Romance Professional Decorative Painter

Payment made easy with safe online transection

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Off-site transaction processing

Payment transaction at our website is completely safe. We do not store your card information on our site. We process all credit card payment through PayPal.

Paypal Credit Card Payment

0% Interest Installment Plan

Purchase online with your credit card above $500 to be automatically converted to an installment plan after you have authorize your consent with OCBC bank. You can find out more about such payment mode with OCBC. For other bank credit card holder does have a similar mode of payment. Please contact your bank for more information.

Engage our service through easy online booking system

You can book our service through our online booking system at your convenience. Please note that for all credit card holder, payment using 0% interest installment plan need to be applied through your bank before you commit to purchase our services.