Artist Canvas

Highly customizable decorative wall paint

Pattern Romance Artist Canvas

Choose the ambiance of your wall


With Dulux Ambiance decorative paint products, you can furnish your home to a whole new level of style that is unique. It comes with 5 effects that can be applied to a wide range of colours, easily fit for modern or classic setting, only limited by your imagination.

  • Choose any of the 5 Dulux Ambiance effects for the wall
  • More than 40 colors to choose from each effect
  • Choose from hundreds of stencil pattern from Royal Stencil
  • Choose up to four colors of the stencil metallic paint to customize the feature wall

Pattern Romance Metal Decorative Painting


Let your passion spark by the metallic reflective nature, rejuvenate your living space and let the vividness of colors flow into your perception.

Pattern Romance Velvet Decorative Painting


Soft to the eye and gentle to the touch like the silk woven to impress with pride. It brings out the gentleness in colors, warm in perception which enters the grandeur of things.

Pattern Romance Linen Decorative Painting


Have your favorite color be painted on the wall with linen texture effect. This amazing soft lines sooth your senses and muffle your busy environment, it wraps you with comfort in your interior living space.

Pattern Romance Marble Decorative Painting


With its grand reflective smooth surface like that of a marble material, it speaks volume when light reach its surface to reveal its artistic nature.

Pattern Romance Colour Motion Decorative Painting

Colour Motion is a creative way to paint your wall with authentic style. The aesthetic flow with the brushes and strokes, they are unique in every twist and bend. No wall can paint with the same style and texture. After the effect layer dry, you will discover this beautiful shine like the seashell inner tint with a shimmering white glow, almost pearl like to the eyes, and the character of the wall will be brought forth by your chosen color under the Dulux Colour Motion.