Combination of Stencil Pattern And Decorative Painting

Feature wall area 80 – 100SQFT

Pattern Romance Artist Canvas


  • Choose any of the 5 Dulux Ambiance effects for the wall
  • Wide range of Dulux Ambiance effect colours
  • Choose from hundreds of stencil pattern from Royal Stencil
  • Choose up to four colours of the stencil metallic paint to customize the feature wall


Stencil Wall Painting

Feature wall area 80 – 100SQFT

Pattern Romance Stencil Art


  • Chose up to 4 colours for feature wall painting using either chalk paint or stencil creme metallic paint
  • Feature wall painting cover 80 Ft² area with no additional cost
  • Entitle 1 stencil pattern to be used on feature wall painting


Decorative Painting Package

Feature wall area 80 – 100SQFT

Pattern Romance Decorative Painting



  • No additional cost to make smooth surface before apply
  • Add primer before apply
  • Ambiance All base coat before effect paint
  • No additional charge for return trip if wall require additional day to dry up

Note: An additional area of 80 – 100SQFT surcharge of $380


Feature Wall + HDB Whole House Painting

Feature wall area 80 – 100SQFT

HDB Painting Package | Pattern Romance

Painting Package Detail

  • Choose between Stencil or Decorative feature wall painting
  • Use odour free Dulux Pentalite wall paint
  • For Ceiling use Nippon Matex paint
  • Sealant use in wet area as base coat
  • Outdoor use Dulux Weathershield if there are Balcony
  • Patch up holes and sand down before apply
  • Return trip to touch up paintwork after the whole renovation completed

Note: If you currently renovating your home and not sure when to engage our service, you can do so after the electrical work and ceiling work completed. If you do not have these works, engage us before the carpentry work. We will return to touch up the paint job after all works are completed.


    • HDB 2 Rooms + Feature Wall: $1390 package
    • HDB 3 Rooms + Feature Wall: $1590 package
    • HDB 4 Rooms + Feature Wall: $1890 package
    • HDB 5 Rooms + Feature Wall: $2090 package

Pattern Romance Optional Decorative Painting Service

Additional Decorative Painting Per Wall With Package

$380 Per Wall

Maximum 100SQFT coverage


Gate and Door

Pick the package that you need

Pattern Romance Paint Door & Gate

Painting Package Detail

  • Sand down and make smooth before apply
  • Hammerite Direct to Rust Metal Paint – Satin Finish for Gate
  • Dulux Satinwood for door
  • Semi-gloss furnish

Note: An additional door $100

  • HDB Main Door & Gate: $280
  • HDB Main Door, Gate & 3 Doors: $580
  • HDB Main Door, Gate & 4 Doors: $680